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Since 2006, Masoom has sought to ensure quality education for underprivileged children in India's night schools by strengthening and expanding the curriculum, and making the schools more responsive to the needs of students.

Up to 40,000 young people between 14- and 19-years-old study in the night schools of Maharashtra state, but just 3% leave school adequately prepared for good jobs.

Masoom is a pioneer in the field, improving educational standards in existing night schools, and improving the future opportunities for young people in Maharashtra.

Its holistic approach means Masoom increases the standard of education provided, works to improve school infrastructure, builds the capacity of teachers and also seeks policy change at government level. 

The organisation plans to use the Global Rising Star award funding to expand and strengthen its computer centre, where secondary night school students are trained in computer literacy and are supported as they try to enter the job market.

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